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The REMOVAL of us tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from The UK will take effect on June 1, the UK government has said.  Section 232 tariffs of 25% on steel imports and 10%

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Speaking of aluminum plate, people will think that it is light in weight, can be shaped and can be processed, and because the surface of aluminum plate is easy to be scratched, it

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Time: 2022-03-30 Source: Yikuo Aluminum. [caption id="attachment_33769" align="aligncenter" width="4032"] yk aluminum coil[/caption] Most industrial metals fell on Tuesday, led by aluminum, after Russia pledged to scale back military operations around Kyiv and northern Ukraine, easing

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After the conductive oxidation process of aluminum and aluminum alloy, the obtained oxide film still has excellent conductivity, which is its unique performance, and the protective and decorative performance of the film is

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For die casting The design of die-casting elements should take under consideration the wall thickness of the die-casting elements, the fillet and demolding angle of the die-casting elements, the reinforcement ribs, the minimum

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3 series aluminum alloy is also known as aluminum magnesium alloy. Manganese content is 1-1.5%. It is a commonly used rust-proof aluminum alloy series. The strength of series 3 aluminum alloy is higher

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Among the products of metal signs, aluminum signs account for more than 90% of metal signs. For more than half a century, aluminum plates have been used to make signs, and the main

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Nowadays, aluminum can, a beverage packaging metal container, has a history of 61 years, with very mature production technology. On a hot day, when we gulp down the beer or carbonated drinks inside,

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Perforated aluminum plate (also often called a punched aluminum plate) refers to a rectangular material with a uniform thickness that is made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy material through shearing or sawing.

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What are the continuous casting and rolling methods?   Continuous casting and rolling is the combination of continuous casting and rolling deformation in one process, that is, the casting and rolling process are completed

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