Tianjin Yikuo Co.,Ltd has been engaged in aluminum processing for more than 10 years. It has 1 semi-continuous casting production lines, 3 continuous casting and rolling production lines, 11 heavy coiler, high performance foil rolling mill and other large processing equipment, with an annual output of 250,000 tons. The produced aluminum products cover 1 series, 2 series, 3 series, 4 series, 5 series, 6 series, 7 series, 8 series aluminum alloy specifications series.

Auxiliary facilities include Central laboratory, 220kVtransformer station, gas system, water supply and drainage system, compress airstation and etc. Each production line is equipped with boiler house, compressair station, nitrogen station, Argon station, gas regulator station, oilstorehouse and other public auxiliary facilities. 

220kv Transformersubstation

Emulsion evaporation system

Sewage treatment station

Gas pressure regulating station

Fully enclosed combinedelectrical equipment

Protection and computer control system

Compressed air station

The flue gas dust removal

Yikuo Aluminum purchases 1+1+4 hot rolling mills and 1+5 hotrolling mills from SMS Group Germany. All the hot finishing rolling mills adoptthe CVC flatness control technology, which can produce hot-rolled strips andcoils with ideal flatness and good shape in the world.

Ebner Heating Furnace

SMS R1 Rolling Mill

SMS R2 Rolling Mill

SMS Four-Stand Hot Finishing Rolling Mill

SMS Five-Stand Hot Finishing Rolling Mill

YIKUO has purchased 6 sets ofcold rolling mill (4 sets of single-stand mill and 2 sets of three-stand tandemmill) from SMS Group Germany. All these mills are applied with SMS patent6-High CVC technology and are the most advanced cold rolling mills in the worldcurrently. The cold rolling mills can produce aerospace sheet, can stock andautomotive sheets etc.

SMS 2350mm Rolling Mill

SMS 2800mm Rolling Mill

SMS 2800mm Rolling Mill

SMS Single-Stand Mill

SMS Single-Stand Mill

YIKUO has introducedworld leading technologies and equipment, full sets of imported verticalintelligent storage and logistic management system, and finishing lines whichfulfill all the requirements on various kinds of Aluminium plate, sheet andstrip products. The finishing lines include trimming lines, tension levelinglines, air-floating type quenching lines, coating line and packaging lines. Theproducts cover 1xxx to 8xxx Aluminium alloy with full product’s range and at high quality.

Froehling High speed edge-cutting machine

Froehling High speed edge-cutting machine

The advanced floating cushion quenching furnace imported from abroad, Ebner continuous annealing furnace which including Tenova handling device and surface chemical treatment can provide strong supports and guarantee to high-added value products such as Automotive sheet, aerospace sheet and IT material etc. 

Cushion type quenching furnace

YIKUO has introduced modern and advanced stretcher, high precisionquenching furnaces, aging furnaces, ultrasonic inspection equipment andelectroconductivity inspection equipment from abroad, which strongly guaranteehigh quality products.

38m Roll bottom quenching furnace

14m Aging furnace

Precision saw

100MN Drawing machine

39m Three stage aging furnace

Inspection equipment