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Medicine aluminum foil

Medicine aluminum foil has become a new type of pharmaceutical packaging widely used internationally.

Medicine aluminum foil has become a new type of pharmaceutical packaging widely used internationally.Tianjin Yikuo Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a large-scale manufacturer of pharmaceutical aluminum foil substrates. The company’s 8011 medicine aluminum foil, 8021 medicine aluminum foil, and 8079 medicine aluminum foil have undergone strict pinhole testing,  degreasing process and plate shape control ensure that produced  medicine aluminum foil can achieve ultra-high sealability in the later adhesive compounding process and perfectly protect the quality of the drug.

Parameters and types of medicinal aluminium foil

Application Alloy grade Temper Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Typical products
PTP Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil: 8011 H18 0.016-0.5 200-1600 capsule aluminum foil plates
Blister Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil 8021 O 0.04-0.065 200-1600 Blister pack
Tropical-type Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil 8021,8079 O 0.016-0.2 200-1600 High-end drug packaging
Medicine Bottle Cap Aluminum Foil 8011 H14,H16 0.016-0.5 200-1600 medicine oral liquid, antibiotics, infusion and other bottled liquids medicine bottle caps
Medical Aluminum Foil Seals 1060 0,H18 0.014-0.2 200-1600 Pharmaceutical packaging seal

Applications of pharmaceutical aluminum foil

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