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Performance and Use of Corrugated Aluminum Sheet

2020-12-24 lisa Comments Off

Corrugated Aluminum Sheet is also called pressed aluminum sheet, corrugated aluminum sheet or aluminum tile. It is one of the commonly used products in construction. At present, there is a trend to replace stainless steel and iron plates.

First of all, since the density of aluminum is only 2.71 and the density of iron reaches 7.8, the weight of aluminum tile per square is less than 1/3 of that of stainless steel, which greatly reduces the cost of the enterprise and reduces the pressure on the bracket.

Second: Aluminum has a good anti-rust effect. In the external environment, rain, exposure, and heavy snow have little damage to aluminum, and like iron sheet, it quickly rusts after seeing the rain. From the above two points, To a large extent, aluminum tiles can completely replace stainless steel materials, and at the same time, they are cheaper to manufacture and are the materials of choice in the construction industry.

Corrugated aluminum composite panel is a new type of composite aluminum panel curtain wall material. It is formed by using 0.6-0.8mm bottom panel 0.4mm middle 0.2mm corrugated aluminum panel to meet the adhesion. The composite method of the aluminum plate product formed by pressure composite is similar to the form of corrugated carton board.