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Job Responsibilities Editor

1. Formulation and implementation of regional sales plan: according to the demand analysis of target customers in the region and the annual sales plan of the company, break down and make specific sales targets for sales personnel in the region;Organize subordinates to implement sales policies and strategies, guide subordinates in sales business skills, check and supervise the completion of sales plans, correct any deviation in time, and ensure the market share and sales targets in the region;2. Sales collection: guide subordinates to collect information, evaluate customers’ credit and their importance to the company, examine and approve customers’ credit limit, and track the use of credit at any time to ensure it is in the normal range;Monthly analysis of subordinates’ accounts receivable feedback information, guide subordinates to improve payment collection skills, to ensure smooth payment recovery;

3. Sales expense control: According to the company’s sales expense management regulations and the sales department’s cost budget targets, organize subordinates to complete the sales tasks in strict accordance with the cost budget targets, review sales discounts, review, control and constantly reduce the sales expenses, and ensure the completion of the company’s sales expense control targets;

4. Market development: According to the company’s business development strategy and the business objectives of the sales department, cooperate with the Marketing Department to organize and implement the regional market development plan and specific implementation plan, and promote the promotion of the company and product brand;Understand customer demand dynamics, guide subordinates to explore potential customers, and track customer development;In order to achieve the company’s market share growth;

5. Customer relationship management: According to the business development needs of the company, establish smooth customer communication channels by organizing and arranging customer visits, visits and exchanges to the company;Responsible for visiting important customers in the region, monitoring and checking the regular visits of salesmen to customers, and knowing customer requirements at any time;Handle customer objections and complaints in a timely manner to improve customer satisfaction and establish long-term, good and stable regional customer relations;

6. After-sales service: According to the company’s after-sales service regulations and product characteristics, assisted in organizing and coordinating the delivery, product installation, technical support, after-sales maintenance and other work in the region to achieve the goal of after-sales service together through communication with relevant customer service and technical departments;

7. Sales information management: According to the company’s business development needs and regional market characteristics, organize subordinates to collect the product market changes, key competitors’ sales strategies, market strategies and other information, analyze and predict the market information, formulate countermeasures, and provide timely Suggestions to relevant departments;Comprehensive analysis of customer files and transaction records;To ensure the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of sales information, and to provide support for the formulation of sales, procurement, production and other decisions;

8. Sales team building: according to the company’s long-term development needs and rules and regulations, organize the subordinate staff recruitment, training, work task assignment and operational guidance, etc., make subordinate appraisal target and the results of performance evaluation of regular communication, put forward Suggestions for improvement, helping subordinates to improve performance, enhance team cohesion and spirit of cooperation, to establish a high efficient sales team, support the achievement of sales targets.

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Main Responsibilities editor

1.Under the leadership of the deputy general manager in charge, be responsible for the overall work of the Department, organize and urge the department personnel to complete all tasks within the responsibility scope of the Department.

2.Carry out the post responsibility system and work standards of the Department, keep in close contact with marketing, planning, finance, quality and other departments, and strengthen the cooperation and cooperation with relevant departments;

3.To be responsible for organizing the formulation, modification, inspection, supervision, control and implementation of management systems for production, equipment, safety inspection, environmental protection, production statistics, etc.;

4.Responsible for organizing and compiling annual, quarterly and monthly production operation, equipment maintenance, safety and environmental protection plans.Organize and hold monthly production planning meeting regularly, organize and implement timely, check, coordinate and assess;

5.Responsible for taking the lead to hold weekly dispatching meeting of the company, closely cooperate with the Marketing Department to ensure the performance of product contracts, and strive to complete and exceed the production tasks of the company;

6.Cooperate with the Technical development Department to participate in the examination and approval of technical management standards, production process and new product development plan, timely arrange and organize trial production, and constantly improve the market competitiveness of the company’s products;

7.To be responsible for special work related to production safety, site management, labor protection and environmental protection;

8.Responsible for basic management of production statistics and accounting.Attach importance to the management of original records, standing books and statements for production, timely prepare and submit annual, quarterly, monthly production, equipment and other relevant statistical statements;

9.Responsible for the maintenance and repair of production equipment and measuring instruments, and arrange the maintenance and repair time of equipment reasonably;

10.Strengthen scheduling management.Balance the comprehensive production capacity scientifically, arrange the production time reasonably, balance the electricity consumption, save the energy, save the product manufacturing cost and reduce the production cost;

11.Responsible for organizing the business guidance and training of production dispatchers, statisticians, planners, equipment administrators, safety officers and workshop level management personnel, and regular inspection, assessment and evaluation of their work;

12.To be responsible for organizing the formulation of work objectives and plans of the department, and timely organizing the implementation, guidance, coordination, inspection, supervision and control;

13.Have the right to propose candidates for the subordinate section chief (deputy section Chief) to the leader in charge, and evaluate their work;

14.Complete other tasks assigned by company leaders on time.

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