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Curtain wall aluminum plate

The Application Of Aluminum Curtain Wall

2022-05-06 Nielle Comments Off

The aluminum panel curtain wall is increasingly used by architects and owners, which enriches the artistic expression of the curtain wall and improves the performance of the curtain wall. Only when we understand it correctly and choose it reasonably can we make the best use of the material, ensure the quality and make the decoration beautiful. At present, there are the following types of aluminum curtain walls used in my country.

1.According to the type of aluminum plate, it is divided into: 1. Honeycomb aluminum plate; 2. Single-layer aluminum plate; 3. Single-layer integral stamping and forming aluminum plate; Composite (laminated) aluminum plate.

2.According to the surface treatment method of aluminum plate veneer: 1. Anodizing; 2. Electrostatic powdercoating; 3. Add “oxygen-carbon” spray (F1uorocabon) to the exterior wall of weather-resistant buildings.

3.According to the function of aluminum panel curtain wall, there are: 1. Pure exterior decoration type; 2. 2. Building exterior decoration and exterior protection type; Fully functional.

Curtain wall aluminum plate