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01Organizational structure and working rulesFor the mold manufacturing department, different companies have different affiliations. Some are fitters who are responsible for follow-up of all matters of the mold, and some have TE and

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At present, the hot weather in summer has entered, and the uncertainties of production safety have increased. All aluminum processing enterprises must strengthen safety protection, do a good job in heat protection and

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News on May 18; with the advent of the wet season, the logic of supply-side production reduction has shifted to the logic of resumption, while demand recovery is weak, and the supply-demand pattern

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Grupa Kęty S.A.'s casting and extrusion plant in Kęty, Poland, for the production of round ingots and profiles and components for aluminum extrusion has been certified to the ASI Performance Standard V2 (2017).Aluminum

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According to foreign news on April 17, the S&P Global Commodity Insights report shows that the risk of supply disruption and the downturn in downstream aluminum demand are expected to limit the global

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If you're in the market for 4x8 aluminum sheets, whether you're a builder or an engineer, understanding the ins and outs of purchasing these versatile sheets is essential. Let’s explore the key things

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Last Friday, when Premier Li Keqiang met with International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva via video, she mentioned that China's monetary policy would "cut RRR at an appropriate time." Therefore, many

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On 21 July 2022, the Australian Anti-dumping Commission issued Notice No. 2022/070 stating that  Due to the written request of the Chinese applicant, Dashiqiao Hengyuan Aluminum Products Co.,Ltd. on July 11, 2022, to withdraw

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The fundamentals of the Chinese economy, which is strong in resilience, full of potential and ample room for manoeuvre, will not change.On June 21, the Third Qingdao Summit of Multinational Corporation Leaders concluded.

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[Strong 7.3-magnitude earthquake hits Philippine island of Luzon, with no impact on overall nickel supply]A strong 7.3-magnitude earthquake hit the Philippine island of Luzon at around 8:43 a.m. local time on July 27,

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.Norsk Hydro reported revenues of NOK 64.793 billion (the same below) in the second quarter, up 87% from NOK 34.559 billion in the same period last year. In the first half of the

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Researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have developed a new process that could halve the energy required to make high-performance aluminum alloys.Shear assisted machining and Extrusion (Shape) technology can eliminate the